Wednesday, 18 September 2019

stages of native cucumber and how to make a cucumber juice

Here is the stages of native cucumber. A Video at the end of the post to learn how to make the Cucumber Juice. You should not add the sugar for this juice. If we had, we will lose the medicinal properties of the Cucumber. Hence, here they add native Jaggery  for the juice.

                                             FIRST STAGE

                                           SECOND STAGE


                                                   CROSS SECTIONAL VIEW OF THIRD STAGE

                                                         FOURTH STAGE
                                                      FIFTH STAGE
                                             TURNS WHITE BEFORE YELLOW
                                              LAST STAGE - READY FOR JUICE

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Saving Bottle Gourd Seeds

How to save Bottle Gourd Seeds ?

     * Select one healthy Bottle gourd in the Garden.
     * Don't pluck that Gourd until it dries.

                                 Bottle Gourd Dried
         * We need to cut the Gourd when it attains the stage as shown in the above image.
         * It may take a Month or  45 days to attain this stage.
         * It is recommended to cover paper or cloth to avoid moisture from humidity.
         * As I am also new as you all, I didn't covered anything. Thus, this gourd has so many white ashes around.
         * After Breaking this gourd I found so many Seeds as you can see in the below image.

                    Seeds from Bottle Gourd

Note: Excuse for Blur Images. Need some time to change Camera.

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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Experience on Growing Pumpkin and Bottle gourd in farm

Growing Pumpkins and Bottle gourd :
                 Growing Pumpkins is not easy nor difficult. Mainly patience is needed. It took me Three and half to get my first Pumpkin.

                * There were Ridges with small canals at the ends of the farm.
                * Noticed it to grow some veggies which i would market in the Local Farmer Markets nearby.
                * Searched online to know what type of veggies to grow on the ridges mainly concentrated on easy to grow and easy maintenance type.
                * Grandmother suggested Pumpkin and she gave seeds also.
                * I thought to grow Bottle gourd (Long edible) with Pumpkin as Bottle Gourd had a good demand in the Local Farmer Markets.
                * Hence, I sown Bottle gourd seeds and Pumpkin seeds in the same Row. I didn't tilled up the land. I lined up the drip line for irrigation and sown both seeds.

                                                        Bottle gourd and Pumpkin
                   * After 9 days both sprouted as shown in the figure above.
                   * I applied little cow dung near by the plants.
                   * The Plant Growth was good.
                   * But after 45 days I noticed grey ash spots which was powdery on the leaves of the Bottle gourd.
                   * I grinded Vitex leaves to make a paste. After that I diluted it with water and left for 2 days in a shady place.
                   * I filtered the solution and sprayed with electric sprayer.
                   * After one week it grey spots on the bottle gourd completely went.
                                                            Bottle Gourd and pumpkin
                                                          Bottle Gourd and Pumpkin
                  * In the above figure you can see both Bottle gourd and Pumpkin growing well.
                  * As I didn't tilled by land weeds came up.
                  * Day by day, the vines of both Bottle gourd and Pumpkin suppressed the weeds. As the sunlight doesn't go to the land the weeds have been suppressed.
                  * Finally, Bottle gourd plants first started to yield. My first Harvest was after 52 days from Planting.
                  * Nearly 300 kgs from 25 Bottle gourd Plants I sold to Local farmer Markets. when the Bottle gourd Plants crossed 150 days I stopped selling to Local farmer Markets. As the Fruits were not uniform. Offered those  Bottle gourds to neighbors and farmers nearby.
                                                      First Harvest of Bottle Gourd
                      * The First Harvest of Bottle gourd, I sold for Rs . 60. Four Bottle gourds were rejected. Reasons : Long in size, Crossed Maturity, white in color, scratches while transporting.
                      * I waited Three and Half months to get my first Pumpkin.


                                                        Pumpkin Female Flower
                    * Bees will pollinate pollen from male flower to female flower. In some cases we, manually need to pollinate the pollen.

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Thursday, 15 August 2019

How to prepare compost tea and use compost tea as Growth Promoter or Fertilizer

Compost Tea :
               It is simple and effective solution to promote Plant Health. The effectiveness of compost tea  depends on the quality of the compost prepared. Many farmers  have observed that the Compost Tea is very effective against many pests and diseases.

Preparation of Compost Tea:
Materials Required:
                * Well matured Compost
                * Water

                 * Good quality compost has to be prepared by adopting heap, aerobic or Vermi composting Methods.
                 * One part of Compost is immersed in 10 parts of water in a bucket or barrel depending on the quantity required.
                 * The contents are stirred 5 minutes everyday for 5 to 7 days.
                 * The Compost Tea is ready to be used as a foliar spray after 5 to 7 days.
                 *  Before the application of the solution, it is filtered and then used for spraying using the knapsack sprayer.