Friday, 21 September 2018

Subash palekar's Spiritual Farming

Most of the people might be knowing Subash Palekar who is popular in organic farming.

The reason why the ZBNF is also known as Spiritual Farming.

Subash Palekar Words:

Nowadays chemical farming became popular. To become self reliant we allowed countries who manufactures agro chemicals  to sell in our country in the name of Green revolution.  The people  who use chemical farming thinks that the soil is not fertile and to make it fertile we need to dump some fertilizers from outside. But this is not true - says Subash Palekar

See Forests, here plants or trees grows. No need of tilling, no addition of fertilizers, insectides or irrigation. This means there is need of things from outside and nature gives all ingredients needed for the plants or trees to grow. And thus he calls ZBNF as Spiritual farming which is mainly concentrated on sustainable farming. Scientists say that Everytime the soil will not be fertile, so that there is a need to add fertilizers to the land to make it fertile. But this is also not true. Now coming to the production yield using chemical fertilizers. The yield using chemicals have decreased which was also agreed by the agronomists. says Subash Palekar.

The main five inputs like to suggest in organic farming are composting, vermi composting, biodynamics, m - solution and garbage solution. As time takes longer for the production the price is as high as five time greater than the price of chemical farming.  He also says that his five layer model is one which is inspired by Forests.

Coutesy : Times of India

Monday, 17 September 2018

ABCD farming Andriod app

  Hi good evening Everyone. An andriod app from us, which will keep you updated  with our blogger feeds. This app is created using appyet website.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Growing Corn for Popcorn

Growing Corn for Popcorn 
Thought to start a small business. 3 basic Aim of my business.
1. Business need to be Agriculture Related.
2. Need to be grown and processed by ourselves.
3. The people in every age  need to like the product.
4. The cost of the product should be Low.
5. Should be easily delivered.

Thought of Popcorn, as it satisfies all the Five basic aims. At this period, Looking to take up the survey with the people. Need to analyse what the people are thinking. If the Popcorn business is started, need to analyse the sales.

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