Friday, 15 November 2019

Review on Beema Bamboo

About Beema Bamboo

• Beema Bamboo is a throneless variety.

• The Bio mass and Rigidity is more compared to other Bamboo varieties.

• The hallow in the middle of the Bamboo is less.

• Yeild of the Beema Bamboo is nearly 50 tons from 4th year consecutively.

• After 4th year you can harvest Beema bamboo every year. The yeild increases in consecutive days.

• As it is a thornless variety, harvest made easy.

Below is a image of Beema bamboo cut into peices.

Cultivation of Beema Bamboo:

• The land should be cleared and dig 3ft height and 3 feet width rows.

• Farm yard manure and Top soil mixed well.

• Plant the Beema Bamboo saplings at distance 10 feet x 10 feet. Can purchase Beema Bamboo saplings at the Rs.30 per sapling.

• The company recommends to plant 1000 saplings per acre.

• The NPK 19:19:19 fertigation is used from bamboo growth.

• Weeding should be undertaken.

• Every 3 to 4 days water should be irrigated.

Yeild and Income:

• After three years of planting, we can harvest Beema bamboo.

• Expected yeild per acre after 3 years is 40 tons.

• Market price per ton ranges from 4k to 5.5k

• Expected Income excluding the maintenance expenses will be around 1Lakh to 1.5 Lakh.

• Second harvest starts in 4th year, the expected yeild is 50 tons.

• After 3 years, every year we can harvest bamboo and yeild will increase consecutively as new clums come up.

Growmore BioTech,


One can adopt Beema bamboo who has more acreage.

One who is looking to develop low maintenance farms.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Sowing different seeds in the same row

Sown few Desi variety seeds in a small canal.
Irrigation : drip pipe
Manure: Didn't applied any manure. In the same place, before I sown bottle gourd and pumpkin seeds. The vines spread over and suppressed the weeds. The dried leaves became black compost. Cleaned the vines and sown the below seeds.

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Yellow beans (native variety)        The seeds are white in color. They outer skin of beans is yellow.
It has medicinal properties. It will increase the immunity. It is a dwarf vareity.
it is a three months crop.

String beans (native variety)         It is a climber, which reach a height of 10 m. seeds are white in color and
outter skin is green in color. The yeild is high. It is a 3 month crop.

Cucumber (summer) (native variety)         It is a climber. The fruits will be crispy and tasty. It is a 45 days crop.
It is recommended to grow this crop in summer. It will Grow even in winter but germination rate
is limited. As it drought tolerant crop, it is good to plant it in summer.

yellow Muskmelon (native variety)        It is a climber. Used in desserts. Usually planted in summer.

Okra (Native variety)         It is also know as Ladies finger. It is four month crop. Used in daily foods. Will reduce

Castor seeds (Native variety)         It is a oil seeds yielding plants. The oil is usually used as hair oil. Used in sidda for
treating cold and stomach infections.

still Unknown (would be native variety)         Dont know the name. I found these seeds in a pot which was in the attic. Enquired with
people in the village but in vain. Eager to know, how it grows. Hence, sown few seeds.

White avarekai, black avarekai, piegion pea (native variety)         Both white and black avarekai are climbers. They yield beans which are tastier.
pigeon pea yield a type of beans which are smaller. it grows 5 to 7 feet tall.

Round bottle gourd seeds (native variety)         This is Round Vareity. This Bottle gorud are tasty when made a sambar. Few artisians
used this dried bottle gourds for making crafts. This is a six month crop based on the climate

desi White Chilly (Native Variety)         This is 3 year crop. on the begining of the fruiting, the fruits will be white in
color. After ripening it will turn to white. These chilly are so spicier.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Round Bottle Gourds and White birdeye chilli native varieties

I had cucumber native variety seeds. I have posted in seed swap facebook groups that cucumber seeds available for swap. A grower from Telangana by name H S Dikshit has responded for the post. He had Desi white chilli seeds and bottle gourd seeds. We summoned for seed swap. Sent 100 + extra as per germination rate to his address by registered post. He too, sent sent me seeds of white bird eye chilli and round bottle gourd seeds by post. we have exchanged the seeds.

About the seeds from Grower

Desi White chilli seeds:
                The fruits will be White when fruiting stage. After ripening it will turn to red as per the Grower. The Grower said that these desi chilli plants will lasts three years. Hence, eager to watch them grow. Grower has sent the pic of this chilli plant.

Native Round bottle gourd seeds
                     I received the Round bottle gourd seeds from the same Grower. I havent seen the round bottle gourds before. Eager to see the fruits from them.

Sown both of them in the edges.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

stages of native cucumber and how to make a cucumber juice

Here is the stages of native cucumber. A Video at the end of the post to learn how to make the Cucumber Juice. You should not add the sugar for this juice. If we had, we will lose the medicinal properties of the Cucumber. Hence, here they add native Jaggery  for the juice.

                                             FIRST STAGE

                                           SECOND STAGE


                                                   CROSS SECTIONAL VIEW OF THIRD STAGE

                                                         FOURTH STAGE
                                                      FIFTH STAGE
                                             TURNS WHITE BEFORE YELLOW
                                              LAST STAGE - READY FOR JUICE