Friday, 6 February 2015

Quick Mix green manure : How to have your own green manure to maintain soil fertiity

There are three types of Green manuring depending on your needs, Namely
  1. Quick Mix – 2-3 month non-leguminous mix, fast growing, weed suppressive and reasonably drought tolerant.
  2. Summer N-Fix – 3-4 month, 2 clovers, requires weed control and inoculant, good potential for N and OM
  3. Winter N-Fix – 5-6 month, requires weed control, good before hungry summer crops.
Quick Mix
Buckwheat                    (4g/m2)
Ameranth                      (0.3g/m2)
Phacelia                        (1.2g/m2)
Sow anytime from April – Aug
Broadcast buckwheat separately.
Perhaps mix sand with small ameranth/phacelia seed to assist even sowing.
Can be incorporated from 6 weeks >
Buck wheat
  • Fast Growing
  • Shades out weeds
  • Attracts beneficial insects
  • Phosphate accumulator
  • Will germinate well in decomposing crop debris
  •  Slow to form viable seed
Green Amaranth

  • Fast growing
  • Drought resistant
  • Large woody plant if allowed to mature = possible N lock-up
  • Will not seed in long days
  • Buy as ‘grain’


  • Fast growing
  • Shades out weeds
  • Flowers attract beneficial insects
  • Soft tissue = rapid breakdown
  • Cut before seed set

After 4 weeks cut all the plants and spread out on the raised bed and fill with soil and leave it for few days to decompose. After decomposing you can plant your crops.
Summer-n-fix green manure cultivation is explained in the tommorrow's post
Looking forward for your support and queries!