Monday, 16 February 2015

Winter N-Fix : third type of green manuring to maintain soil fertility

Winter N-Fix
  1. Sow as for Summer N-Fix but use 1002-14 disk for beans/small peas
  2. Using 20% annual rye helps as a row marker and to fill out the tares
  3. Hoe just before tares start to ‘wander’
  4. Can be undersown with phacelia late Feb, to add volume.
  5. Good option to follow and/or precede Toms, cuc, peppers etc.
 Tares / Vetch
  1. Excellent late or Winter sown
  2. The best option for N-fixing before Summer crops
  3. Deep rooting
  4. Dense foliage
after 4 weeks you can cut it down and use it as green manure.
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