Sunday, 14 June 2015

Preparation of Agniastra for pest management

Hi friends, I am really surprised for the ancient days farming where no chemicals but the plants were growing very well without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I enquired with some old aged people, they said about the importance cow dung, cows urine, compost, lime, pulses, and so many.  By keeping the reference of those ideas I started surfing in the internet about the natural farming. Surfing through the internet i found the website of subash palekar which made be interested and like to share his ideas in my blog.  Here is the explanation of the Agniatra for pest management and its preparation and all the credits goes to subash palekar.

How to Prepare Agniastra (Agni Missile)

Take a pot.

Add 10 liter Local Cow Urine in it.

Then add 1 Kg Tobacco, 500 gram of Green Chili, 500 Gram Local Garlic,  by crushing it in the Urine.


Add 5 Kg Neem leaves pulp.

Then boil this solution well 5 times  continuously.

Let this solution to ferment for 24 Hrs.

 Filter this by cloth.

Spray this medicine Agniastra on the pest like Leaf Roller, Stem Borer, Fruit borer, Pod borer.

Courtesy : subash palekar 


Arun Kumar Singh said...

do we need to add more water in the prepared solution if so how much and for how many days this solution can be keep (exp. date) ??