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subash palekar five layer model

These diagrams will shows the subash palekar 5 layer model

The proof of the above method is given below where he is earning 6 lakhs approx. excluding expenses.

Sri Krishnappa Dasappa Gowda has developed this model in 5 acres . He has divided that 5 acres into equal blocks of 36ft X 36ft . In this video , he explains that , in each block of 36 ft x 36 ft ( which is further divided into four 9ft X 9ft sub-blocks) he is growing around 170 trees , in that he is explaining about the yield he is getting in a 9ft x 9 ft portion of land (one sub-block) . He planted 1 Banana Tree, 4 Arekanut Trees , 4 Black pepper Creepers climbing on Arekanut trees , 2 Coffee Plants , 2 Glirsedia Trees , 2 Venella Creepers climbing on Glirsedia trees & 32 Ginger Plants in each 9ft X 9ft area . He says that the Yield from,
(1) 1 Banana Tree - 10Kg X Rs.20/- = Rs. 200=00
(2) 4 Arecanut Trees - 25Kg x 4Trees x Rs.15/- = Rs.1500=00
(3) 2 Venela creepers+2Glirsedia Trees - 50grms x 2 trees x Rs.3/- = Rs. 300=00
(4) 4 Black Pepper Creepers - 1Kg x 4 x Rs.400/- = Rs.1600=00
(5) 2 Coffee plants - 2Kg x 2 Plants x Rs.80/- = Rs. 320=00
(6) 32 ginger Plants - 0.15kg x 32 x Rs.100/- = (Rs. 480=00) ( This income Rs.480/- is utilized for Expenses)
Total income from 9ft x 9 ft ( Sub- block ) land = Rs.3800 = 00
So , for each 36ft x 36ft block ( 4 Sub-blocks + 1 Coconut tree + 1 Mosambi tree ) the total income is approxmately Rs.18000 = 00.
{ Explanation :- income from each 9ft X 9ft sub-block = Rs.15,200/- , In addition to these blocks he planted 1 Mosambi (citrus) tree and 1 Coconut Tree in each 36ft X 36ft block and the income from them is Rs.2000/- and Rs.1000/- resply . So,the total income from each 36ft X 36ft Block is Rs.18,200/- and rounded off to Rs.18,000/- } .
For 1 acre there are 33 similar blocks like this , So , the total income per acre is Rs.6 Lakhs approx . ( Rs.18,200/- X 33 blocks = Rs.6,00,600/- and rounded off to 6 Lakhs ) .

CONCLUSION : He doesnt have any borewell in his farm and he says that his Land is a double wet land and mostly it is rainfed , canal water is used very rarely during peak summer . Water consumption is 10% of regular farming . He suggests that all the farmers to adopt similar Natural Farming Methods and grow plants & crops suitable for their local climate and reap money. Wish you all the best .

contact no of the farmer krishnappa: 9880587545

His explanation about the subash palekar five layer model video is attached below


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Fantastic! Now farming will be again profitable and farmers dont have to suicide!

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Thanks for this very useful explanation

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With pleasure..! The wishes goes to the person who published the video in youtube..! Happy farming.

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The income is per month or per year?

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