Sunday, 30 October 2016

Labour Management: How do you Manage with Labours?

Hi Good Afternoon all, Today I Like to post on Labour Management.

Before starting sowing or transplanting, we need to think about Labour Management. Some crops need more labours and for some, minimum labours is enough. No of labours depends on crop yeilds, months of harvest, weeding, crop types etc...

* Before selection of crops know your strength and weekness. (i.e) Assume Tomato crop, It needs more labours in weeding, poles fixing, and harvesting, atleast 10 members. You can manage spraying and tieing up the tomato stems to poles with four or six.

* Whether can you able to manage the labours Time to Time ?. you need to question yourself. Depending on that you need to choose the crop.

* Bringing labours, depends on how much wages you give to them. Here, The wages for women normally between 170 rs to 200 rs with afternoon lunch, but sometimes it exceeds 200 rs depending on the market demands. For men it is normally 350 rs to 400 rs with lunch. Depending on type of work it exceeds. Most men take contract from the landlords for the particular work to complete in prescribed time. Where the wages will be high at this instant, but work will be completed in time.

* In middle, Landlords can get trouble in getting labours. some of the reasons are 1.) Some of them have joined to PM's yojana water source development. 2.) May be some other landlord is giving high wages. 3.) work opputunities in Industries.

* Thus, Few of the Landlords make contract with labours by giving Advance before the commencement of work.

* While the Labours on work, Landlords need to be friendly but not too much and not to ask or discuss yours or their personal issues with the labour, it may rise conflicts or disturb your farming activities.

* If the lunch is provided in time, it might increase the respect towards Landlords.

* Assume If a work is not done by a particular labour, make sure your words will make him/her to work and not hurt.

* So, If you can able to manage all this type of work and have enough investment in your hand, you can go forward.

* If not, we can go for crops where less number of labours needed and sometimes we ourselves can be.

* Crops like Corrainder, Dhantu, lettuce, methi, palak, etc ... are not more than 45 days crop. we can go for it.

* Don't forget to create a time table for your work schedule before cropping.

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