Friday, 28 October 2016

Must Know: The basic checklists before entering into farming

Hi, everyone. Today I like to post about some checklists everyone should know before entering into Farming. Nowadays, there are so many people having interest in farming and do farming. This post is dedicated to them.

* If you like to lease out land for vegetative cropping for the first time that too without experience, don't go for  more acres of land. Because managing labours, maintaining crops, manuring schedules, Land leveling, fertilizer fertigation, foliar spraying, Marketing and many more will be a tedious process.

* Lease a Land which is nearby to the market.

* Need to have a backup investment for whole one year.

* If you go for lease farm land, try to check everything is available like gate valves, electricity supply, drip pipes and its faults, land measurement so that it will be easy to split for mixed cropping.

* If the land is Fenced, it will be nice. so that you can save time, as you no need to be there everytime to watch out grazing animals coming and spoiling your feilds.

*  Try to do farming in one place rather than multiple places. It will save time and energy. Running from one field to another for some farm operations is a tedious process.

*  Few people in farming always think to acheive big. For them, I like to tell "dont neglect health".

* Try to buy some things before entering into farming Tarpal for shades or collecting harvested vegetables, kurphi (hand hoe), spades, axe, Gadari to dig holes, weighing scale, sacks, twines, seeds, hose, cutting pliers, screw drivers, spanners, etc...

* As you are a starter, dont go for bigger crops. Try crops which are harvested monthly like corrainder, methi, palak, lettuce etc...

* Before cropping try to get advice from experienced people around you.
Regarding sowing, manuring, fertilizers, foliar spray, weeding, harvesting, etc..

* Before cropping, Analyse markets for your crops and have ready buyers before harvesting.

* Prepare a feild map for mixed cropping either by sketching in pencil or you can also try out sketchup 3D software.

* Try out mixed cropping to avoid losses.

* As a starter, try to go for drip irrigation rather than furrow irrigation. As furrow irrigation takes longer time as well as it is a difficult job.

* As far as possible, try to know organic fertilizers and use it to minimize the expenses.

*  Prepare a To do list before cropping and follow it.

* Last but not the least, Marketing and Transportation of veggies not to forget.

If I forget anything here or if you have any queries please comment...! 

- ABCD farming.