Saturday, 5 November 2016

"Decision Making in Agriculture"

"Decision Making" is important one and which plays a major role in Agriculture. I like to explain it with an example.

Can we have an example of "Mangalyaan satellite" ?

Here, there will be more than 100 people who discuss about the problems. First they make note of the provlems arised from launching period to the orbitrary position. They will list out what are the problems to be faced during the mission. Problems might exceed more than 200 and sometimes even more depending on the construction of the satellite. After finding what are all the problems to be faced during mission, then every one discuss about how the problems can be solved if arised. They all discuss each problem together and find solution for each problem. So that, they are prepared to face the problem and solve it.

By same the way, we in agriculture need to act like those people. Problems might occur in sowing, transplanting, tilling, fixing, water irrigation, fertigation, harvesting, etc... we need to list all the problems together and find the solutions to each problem so that we are ready to face it and take decision accordingly.

If anything has to be corrected or added, plz dont hesitate to mention.

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