Thursday, 20 April 2017

Aranya Eco Village an Organic farm near Anchetti forest.

Courtesy: Rajnish Kumar (Founder of Aranya Eco Village)

     I come from a farming family near Bihar(raja rajnish kumar). I left my studies in Delhi in 2008 to broaden my horizons at the Shikshantar Institute in Udaipur. here I learned many things from film making to water conservation. I joined the Environmental Leadership Programme at Sadhana Forest in Auroville I have learn about vegan cooking, waste material with creating interesting cool things like wallet , building house, Permaculture design , Drip watering, eco toilets, land scape designing, English speeking and writing, 3 years later began to realise I wanted to be an organic farmer.

     Our Eco Village was established 3.5 years ago following the principles of permaculture design. It is a home to many animals from Buffalo to Chickens. Our main crop is millet, but we grow a variety of fruit and vegetables and have many Eco building projects to complete. Sustainability and working in harmony with nature and each other is at the core of everything we do.

    There is a close relationship between our project and another Organic farm which also welcomes volunteers. My family are all the creatures great and small on the farm. The mud house can house a large group or a family. Tents are also available, although volunteers may wish to bring their own. Blankets and some bedding can be provided but volunteers are asked to bring sheets. Meals will be provided following the local cuisine.

    The farm is situated near the Elephant reserve at Anchetti forest in the beautiful, indigenous forest, nearby is a quiet ashram. The Krishnagiri region has a museum, ancient forts and temples. Every year the Krishnagiri Dam and reservoir attract many tourists.

    Volunteers are welcome to be at home on the farm, be creative and be part of a community.
Permaculture design, Natural farming, resort designing, local culture, cooking. Big scale farming. Compost making, natural fertilizer making, mud house building designing, ( cob, rammed earth, Earthship, earth bag House, )Seed cultivating. Walking in forest forest fruits collecting, playing with kids in Village teaching English,

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rajnish said...

Thanks guys!!!

Rajesh raj said...

With pleasure Rajnish, Let Your work Continue..!