Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Seasonal fruit calendar for South India

Courtesy - Farming Collective

Fruits yielding calender
Mango : April - July

Jackfruit : April - June

Wood apple : Apr - May. Someone said upto Aug/Sep

Grape : Nov-Dec (isn't it twice a year?)

Sapota : Sep-Nov (isn't it twice a year?)

Pomegranate : Mar-May (isn't it twice a year?)

Nerale (Jamun) : May-June

Orange : Nov-Dec

Guava : July-Sep

Amla : Oct - Dec

Custard apple : Aug-Sep

Avocado: Mar - Apr (have seen it later in Coorg)

Passion fruit : June/jul/ aug

Strawberries : Sep-Jan

Fig in six months : July to Aug. Later Feb-march

(Papaya, Banana, Water melon, Musk Melon etc is grown all through the year)