Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Idea on Market Gardening

Hi Good evening to all. Today can we discuss a bigger issue in Farming (i.e) Marketing. Nowadays, the rates of vegetables and fruits are considerably decreasing. I would not able to understand how the price of vegetables varies. Sometimes it goes high and sometimes its reduced.

The profit or loss in Agriculture depends on many factors. Saplings, Labours, Transportation, Miscellenious and Marketing.

In one of the survey, it is said that only one share from four share is given to farmer and other three shares are consumed by labours, Marketing, Miscellenious, Transportation etc... Sometimes, even loss of investments depending on the climate and other factors.

Have any one heard about Market Gardening:

I came through so many websites for market gardening. while reading it seems good to try. But, in reality i dont have any illusions. For Market Gardening can we have an example. Assume Market Gardening in one acre. Divide one acre into three parts, where one part might hold 100 (1mx10m) raised beds. (i.e) Total 300 beds. This is just assumed. Might vary depending on various factors. Prepare the raised beds. Assume on january 1, If you start to transplant in the first part. Try to select some atleast 10 vegetables like tomato, brinjal, raddish, beans, cucumber, potato, onions, carrot, capsicum, greens like corrainder, palak, sabbaki, spinach any like atleast 10 vegetables and assign beds for vegetables.Nursery operation should be undertaken before 6-10  days. After transplanting the sapling in the first partion, undertake the necessery farm operations for planted beds. After 25 days continue the same operation in partion 2. sameway after 25 days continue the same operation in partition 3. Harvest begins. Enjoy the continuous harvest. After final harvest transplant the saplings or plan accordingly. This is an easy plan for marketing gardening. where you can harvest daily. Reduce Labour expenses. Daily sell your vegetables and fruits in your stall.

Lower expenses, Reduce labour, Managed by one or two people, you can harvest often to get income often are some of the advantages of market gardening.

Try to sell your vegetables in nearby market. Where if you get atleat 100 kg for three days, you can get the income of 1000 rs for three days, if each kg sold for atleast 10 rs. while the continuous harvest begins monthly you can get minimum 10000 rs per month.

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