Thursday, 13 April 2017

A 13 year old Backyard Farmer - Know more

*courtesy Gopi Devarajan (Facebook)

Last Friday veg market at the OFM ( , something special happened. Siva, a small kid who is in 7th standard came to ofm along with his mother (who is a regular customer of ofm). His mom told me something which surprised me, she said that siva is interested in growing plants and he is aspiring to be a farmer !!! ( did you hear that). They started as a consumer at one of the OFM outlets in thuraipakkam, near Siva’s house.

A hobby became his passion. yes, siva is growing keerai in the front yard of his home. In a small piece of land adjoining his house he grows various varieties of greens. He brought about 35 bunches of red amaranthus (thandukeerai) and arakkeerai that he harvested that morning. His mom asked OFM if siva could sell the greens at the OFM veggie Bazar. (Arun of ainthinai, the OFM outlet at OMR have visited the place already for inspection and assured the organicity). So, OFM allocated a separate section for the kid and made him to sell his own greens directly to the customers just to encourage him. We made an announcement about the kid to all our customers.

oh boy, he was so happy that all his greens got sold in 30 mins of time. Of course his mom was so proud of his boy selling greens to customers...what more you can ask for..
He promised me that he would take more lessons from the experts and will bring more varieties as well...i was awestruck by his was such a wonderful sight and inspiring...
Team, pls encourage such enthusiastic kids in your circle whenever you get a chance. or even better, create one..:)