Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A way to make natural soap

Courtesy - Yashodhara robin (fb)
Multani Mitti - 2.5 kg
Swarna Geru powder - 400 gm
Bhimseni Kapoor - 70 gm
Ajwain Satva - 40 gm
Sesame Oil - 400 gm
Turmeric powder - 1 Teaspoon
Neem leaves - 1 kg
Aloe Vera - 8 big stems
Reetha - 250 gm (powder)

Other things which we can use lemon peels, orange peels, Lemon grass etc.

Take 3 liter water and add neem leaves, orange-lemon peels/ powder,
lemon grass. Boil it to almost 1 liter liquid. Keep this extract of
Neem, Orange ready.

Take Bhimseni Kapoor and Ajwain Satv separately. Try to make fine
powder of it and then mix it together. It will form liquid. Ensure
that no lumps remain.

Take a container, add multani mitti, swarna geru powder, reetha
powder, turmeric powder and mix it with hands.
Add liquid formed by mixing Bhimseni Kappr and Ajwain Satva to it. Mix
it with the powder. Also add Sesame Oil and mix it with powder. Break
the lumps with hands and ensure that oil gets mixed thoroughly. Then
add the Neem-Lemon-Orange Extract in appropriate proportion and mix it
right consistency like we make jawar roti or bhakari.

Use your hands and creativity to give different shapes of your liking
to the soaps. Avoid cracks while transforming them into different
shapes. Dry the soaps in the shadow before you start using them.