Saturday, 12 August 2017

A small setup to save Rain water from rooftops

courtesy - seithipunal

The setup for the Rain water harvesting in one of my Friend's house
which costed 18,000 rs. It saved 15000 ltrs from 1 hour of Raining
Yesterday. (11/8/2017) evening 7 pm

It is said that the Geographical area is not suitable to build a dam
in tamilnadu and atleast I request government to bring awareness to
use this type of technologies for Rain water harvesting.

Not only bringing awareness about it, but also need to go an extra
step like install this type of technologies in Government schools,
colleges, Municipality offices, collector office, Revenue department,
Government Hospitals etc... Before telling to people the government
need to act to install this type of setups in all government premises.
This will bring volunteers to come forward and do their bit in their

Government should stop wasting funds in unnecessary projects, plans,
schemes etc.... though to invest in this type of Ecofriendly projects.
We need to keep in mind that "This earth is home for our future
generations" So we need to protect and give a space for our future

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