Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Liquid manure for Organic Pest management to control pest as well as weed management

 A variety of plants (weeds) which have pesticidal value can be used. Plants
which have strong disagreeable odour are ideal for making this preparation

Materials required
  1. Plants like Parthenium, Lantana, Vitex, Eupatorium, Artemesia, Stinging nettle etc., - 3 kg
  2. Cattle dung - 3 kg
  3. 20 litre capacity plastic bucket
  4. Water – 20 litres




  1. Collect 3 kg of plants (leaves and tender parts) of plants which have pesticidal activity. Chop them into small pieces and put into 20 litre bucket.
  2. Add 3 kg of cattle dung into the barrel and fill it up with water.
  3. The barrel is stirred every day for 7 days and then stirred once a week for the next 3 weeks. The preparation will be ready in 30 days.
  4. The concentrated solution is diluted ten times in water and used as a foliar spray.
  5. These sprays are very efficient in managing a variety of pests.
  1. The liquid manure has to be diluted ten times before spraying on the crop otherwise it scorches the plant.
  2. The solution has to be sieved through a cloth or gunny bag before spraying to avoid blockage of nozzles.
  3. The efficacy of the solution is up to one month and has to be used within that period.